White Fish Bay Wisconsin Nightlife

From breweries to Broadway shows to just about everything in between, Wisconsin's nightlife offers a reason to bundle up and visit the city.

There is no better time in winter to bathe in a family-oriented institution that has been at the heart of local life for generations. Glidden Lodge is not the best place to go for a buck, but this charming lodge and lakeside restaurant are a solid bet if you're hungry for a steak and lobster dinner straight out of the 1950s. As strong as the dinner club scene in Door County is, it's also one of the most diverse in Wisconsin, and six of them have opened this winter, with great food and stories to share. If you're looking for Wisconsin - style old - fashionable that blends perfectly with brandy, they come with much, much more.

The cosy, knotted pine bar features a hand-carved sailboat at the bar, which dates back to Sturgeon Bay's nautical heritage. The waterfront restaurant has a large wood-burning fireplace that sits in one of the best spaces for a nightcap we found, and the owners decorate the bars with photos of Betty White to create the "White Christmas" feeling.

They have one of the best chocolate bars in America, and the selection includes some of my best raspberry and blackberry candy I've ever tasted.

The Central Wisconsin Craft Collective, which allows visitors to move and sample the Stevens Point area. Here at the northern tip, we started and worked our way down to Green Bay, but we made a quick stop at one of the state's best craft breweries, the Great Lakes Brewing Company.

In 1915, Pandl bought the Whitefish Bay Inn from George Bentley, who had opened a combination tavern, restaurant and grocery store. Dave Ripp and his family took us through the history of the hotel, from serving as an honorary dinner club to opening a restaurant in the early 20th century. S. S., London. The bar at the Auditorium Hotel is one of my favorite spots in Stevens Point, as well as many other places across the state.

The entire restaurant is essentially an outdoor terrace on the lake with heavenly views, and it's easy to see why. Fred's Fuzzy's is an institution on the peninsula and locals Trek to Whitefish Bay to enjoy the best steaks and seafood in Door County, which many consider the best. On the corner of the property, which used to be the tavern, which now houses the restaurant's inviting courtyard, there is a bustling atmosphere. The Pabst Resort on the shores of Lake Michigan has transformed this sleepy village into a bustling metropolis of fun - on summer weekends since the 1880s. This proved useful when we turned away from the hotel to the bustling town of White Fish Bay one weekend in the summer of 1880.

The drinks on the menu are well hydrated and well -hydrated From Speaker, Colectivo and Rishi from Wisconsin. Fries with dough, accompanied by beer from the brewery and a selection of beers from the brewery's tap list.

A table full of food writers was set, and the highlight of our visit was a plate of 18 small plates that could feed three people, garnished with grilled broccoli and spinach and served with garlic toast. The Basque apple pie dessert fell flat in flavor, but the melting - in - your mouth - chocolate chip cookie and chocolate ice cream were a hit.

It's easy to overlook the Cobb salad ($15) on the menu, but that would be a mistake, especially at Wickman House, where Cobb comes in stunning layers of color and tastes bright, crisp, springy - and satisfying. The perfectly cooked salmon fillet, served with a creamy horseradish dressing, is topped with a range of fresh vegetables and a generous dollop of sweet and sour cream.

You can't make it to White Gull's for breakfast, but the Inn at Cedar Crossing is a nice alternative, with its breakfast menu of breakfast sandwiches ($5) and breakfast burritos, lunch and dinner for $10.

Sturgeon Bay Farmers Market has been in existence for over 60 years and offers a wide range of products, such as sausages and meat, as well as fruit, vegetables, nuts and fruit. The Seaquist's Orchards & Farmers Market is worth a visit, especially if you are a cherry lover. The cherries come not only from an orchard about a kilometer away, but also supply apples in autumn. The Orchard Country Market does not hold its own against the vineyards, nor is it a winery; it also sells fresh and dried cherries, apples, pears and other fruits and vegetables. On the way out of town, there is a stop at the White Fish Bay Wine & Spirits Market, just a few miles south of Sturgeon Bay.

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More About Whitefish Bay