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Restaurants at Milwaukee International Airport are growing, with 22 new restaurants and stores set to open before the DNC in July 2020. This new restaurant in the Riverwest district is located in the former West Bank Cafe and offers views of some of the area's most popular squares, as well as some new options for lunch and dinner.

This new pizzeria will certainly attract shops from all over the county, with a wide selection of pizza options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even brunch.

This is not a full list of brunch eateries in Milwaukee, as there are hundreds of great ones, whether stuffed French toast, brunch sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches or breakfast burritos, there is something for everyone. Must-try restaurants in the White Fish Bay region and you might even be able to watch the next episode of our must-try restaurant list.

Chances are you've been to many of the places where delicious food is served to the people of southeastern Wisconsin. Here are some of our favorite spots in the White Fish Bay region, starting at the northern tip and down to Green Bay.

The 53-year-old eatery is one of the oldest restaurants in the White Fish Bay area and is rumoured to be haunted. Come and visit us today and you will enjoy the nautical decor and excellent seafood and other light appetizers in a reliably lively atmosphere. This is a nearly 130-year-old tavern that serves a variety of local craft beers and wines, as well as some of Wisconsin's finest seafood. It is a great place for a quick lunch or dinner or even an evening with friends or family.

The drinks on the menu are well hydrated and well hydrated - from companies like Sprecher, Colectivo and Rishi from Wisconsin. Fries are made with a batter of local beer, and everything tastes delicious at the bar, where you can turn up the heat to boil honey and water before baking.

The owners hope to source as many fresh ingredients as possible from local suppliers and are thrilled to offer a wide range of options for what you can eat and what they offer as part of their buffet. Most people who have tried it have become aware of Steve's love of cooking white fish, but when Steve is now cooking thousands of fish broth per dinner, it's hard to understand that it wouldn't be. The owners are pleased to offer a full service restaurant, live music, live entertainment and a live band.

This house-style house specializes in continuing the tradition of fish cooking that the Scandinavians brought to Wisconsin more than a century ago. Several restaurants in Door County serve fish stews, but one at the White Gull Inn Here, freshly caught whitefish from Lake Michigan are caught and cooked by local fishermen, just as it was for the Scandinavian settlers of the peninsula a hundred years ago. With a full-service restaurant, live music and entertainment, and an extensive menu, the White Fish Bay Whitefish Inn's Whitefish Broth menu is a popular restaurant in the area, which has been around since 1959, offering a wide range of dishes from traditional white fish soup to the more exotic and exotic.

Start with an old-fashioned appetizer by tucking into the White Fish Bay Whitefish Inn's traditional whitefish fries. The classic menu consists of fish and potatoes, served with fresh coleslaw from the garden and a variety of toppings. In the evening visit to a popular fish fry, which usually includes perch, Valais and white fish.

At Rowleys Bay Resort, the fish buffet is on the menu, and it's worth the price.

Milwaukee has many high-end restaurants serving brunch, one of the most popular meals in the Milwaukee area, and Moxie's will be on your favorite list. The restaurant also offers a boutique breakfast, with a wide selection of pastries, such as the "filling" that combines the cherry and cream cheese sauce with the richness of cheese and butter in a sweet and savoury sauce.

White Gull's Inn and Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and seafood on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. White Gully's serves fresh whitefish from Lake Michigan caught by local fishermen. It offers a genuine fishing experience that allows you to sit back and relax while your dinner is prepared and served. The Harbor Fish Market Grill serves a wide selection of fresh, local fish and seafood, which can be enjoyed indoors or on the lakeside terrace. When visiting WhiteGull's, you should definitely arrive early, because part of the whole experience is watching the cooking process and hearing the story first hand - from the master's hand.

If you want to see the Milwaukee Brewers play ball, head to the White Gull's Inn and Restaurant on the North Side of Milwaukee without the tailgate and try out their new restaurant, which is scheduled to open in mid-January 2020. You can even reserve a place on the beautiful terrace of the inn to be pampered, which includes dinner and a show. If you're looking to try new restaurants in Milwaukee in 2020, keep an eye on White Fish Bay's newest restaurant in Wisconsin - the Harbor Fish Market Grill.

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