White Fish Bay Wisconsin Things To Do

Door County, Wisconsin is located north of Green Bay and it is a wonderful weekend for Wisconsin residents as it takes less than an hour to get here from GreenBay. Door County is home to White Fish Bay State Park, where you can camp for the weekend.

Kayaking gives you the opportunity to explore the beautiful waters of White Fish Bay and the rocky coastline. Visitors can hop on a ferry to Rock Island, where there are sandy beaches, hiking trails and tents to have and have it all. It is home to the oldest lighthouse in Wisconsin and visitors can watch its sunset before leaving the county.

There are several different places to go kayaking, but one of the best is Cave Point County Park. There is no better way to see Cave Point than on a door-to-door guided kayak tour, and there are many options to choose from, such as the White Fish Bay Kayaking Trail, Rock Island Kayak Trail or the Door River Trail.

In Egg Harbor, WI, 54209 children can enjoy one of the oldest soda fountains in the United States, the White Fish Bay Soda Fountain. This lemonade fountain, built in 1906, has been in operation for over 100 years and offers over 1,000 lemonades for sale.

The 53-year-old establishment, the oldest soda fountain in the USA and the only one in White Fish Bay, is one of the largest and most popular soda fountains in Wisconsin.

In Sturgeon Bay you can visit the Door County Shipwrecks exhibition, learn about shipcaptains and shipbuilders and see the restored tugboat John Purves. Fish Creek Scenic Boat Tours has told high-speed boat tours that depart from various points in the county and tell daily about the many islands, cliffs and beaches that surround Door County. You also have access to the White Fish Bay Museum of Natural History, a Wisconsin history museum.

Segway tours give you a great overview of the area and you can roll around on a Segway for a few minutes on the beach or in the water for about an hour.

The restaurant is located in the courtyard, where all creamy treats begin, including gelato and cheese, but the goats must not be missing. The tour takes you through the dairy, the cheese dairy and some of the other farms in the area.

NotLicked is right outside the entrance, the perfect treat, and the rustic streets 77 and 9 follow the lakeside to the long sandy beach that winds upwards. The trail leads along a rippling stream and leads to Lake Michigan, where you will find a beach barbecue serving food and alcohol.

On the green side of town is Potawatomi State Park on the headland on the west side of Sturgeon Bay. Located north of downtown Milwaukee in Whitefish Bay, Klode Park offers breathtaking views of Lake Michigan, Lake Superior and the Great Lakes. In the heart of Door County, many love Wisconsin State Park, but the area can be chartered for fishing, hiking, biking, kayaking and more.

My personal favorite in town is Fish Creek, but I also love shopping and dining at Whitefish Bay Town Center and the local restaurants and bars.

The main view is when you go to Big Red, the fog signal building from 1882, which glows red in the early evening as it makes its way to the canal pier. At the foot of the tower you can walk across the river to share the view from the coast to Whitefish Bay and the Great Lakes. Head west to Minnesota to see the main attractions, starting with the lighthouse at the mouth of Lake Superior and then along the water's edge. These include hiking, cycling, a cycle path and even a boat ride on the lake as you walk up and down the canals and footbridges.

The Oak Leaf Trail, which forms a 125-mile loop through Milwaukee County, is a paved road with sections of road. To get there, take Interstate 94 and Wisconsin 29 West to Green Bay, but do not follow 29 into town, but take Wisconsin 57. There is no intersection in Big Creek, so take Wisconsin 59 southbound, then the Milwaukee - Milwaukee Expressway north to the Whitefish Bay Bridge.

Head north to McKinley Beach and grab a fruit smoothie or iced coffee at the local lakeside cafe Colectivo. While it is unclear what became of Pandl's in 1925-26, the family is back in Whitefish Bay and runs the inn. We ate in their restaurant and also had the pleasure to chat with three generations of the Pandls.

When I was a kid, Whitefish Bay was just a tram ride away, the docks were just above the water, and there was nothing surrounding Jack Pandl's restaurant that could be done best here. I moved to the East Side, but I'm still looking forward to walking down the block and doing my best to be in the downtown White Fish Bay business district. It was always one of my favorite places when I was in the area, on foot or by bike, even though I moved and moved.

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More About Whitefish Bay